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I have heard a lot of negative press concerning the musical group Hanson, the popular girl group from the midwest. I paid no mind to the uproar until I caught one of their videos on MTV last weekend. Why must we always tear apart our positive female role models? Here are three girls, sisters, trying to break into the music industry and what do they get for all of their hard work? A bunch of people trying to knock them down, probably out of jealousy.

As you know I believe in female supremacy, we should be giving these girls high fives for making it as far as they have! I agree that their music is a little cheeZy and yes they need a fashion consultant, especially the oldest sister, she is kind of homely. But the youngest girl will grow up to be quite the beauty. I can say with certainty that the middle girls picture will be hanging on many a teen aged boys bedroom wall. Let's hope that these girls will be around for a long while so young girls everywhere can see that a little bit of talent can take you a long way!

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I think this is Inga (the pretty hanson)
I hope that the Hanson girls see this page and they know that Princess Natalie is cheering them on. I am praying that you don't end up like most pop idols...singing in Branson Missouri to support your drug/alcohol habit.

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Inga: the pretty Hanson

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